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Naturopathy is based on the belief and science that the human body has the ability to maintain its own health in an optimal state.  The problem with modern life is that we often deprive the body of the tools it needs to be able to do this and this is where illness, and the symptoms experienced by you, occurs.  Naturopathy supports a holistic approach to illness and disease, treating the individual.  Because no two individuals are alike, it is unlikely that one set of rules will apply to multiple people regarding health and wellbeing.  While two people may experience the same primary illness, the factors that contributed to it may differ and this is where naturopathy differs to allopathic medicine.  It supports the repair and replenishment of the root cause using tools such as nutrition, lifestyle, appropriate exercise, supplementation and herbal medicine.


Naturopathy consultations include a full current and prior health analysis, taking into account conditions experienced, diet, lifestyle and environmental factors.  



Nutrition consultations can be tailored to your requirements.  It is one of the foundations of naturopathy for addressing illness, but we also offer nutrition consultations specifically to address your weight concerns.  


Consultations will include a full current and prior health analysis and a non-judgmental assessment of current food intake on completion of a food diary.  


The saying 'you don't have to lose weight to be healthy, you have to be healthy to lose weight' rings true at Peak Wellbeing.  Good nutrition is required to provide essential nutrients to cells, tissues and organs, enabling your body to function optimally for you. This may include weight control, restorative sleep, increased energy levels, and improved health in general.



Supplementation or natural medication may be required to correct imbalances in the short term while working on your health, and good prescription may be more involved than you think.  Considerations include raw ingredient quality, supplier manufacturing processes and standards, strains of ingredients, forms of nutrients, binding agents, excipients, interactions with medications/supplements and time of ingestion.


At Peak Wellbeing we tailor supplementation and herbal medication holistically, specific to you and your state of health and wellbeing.  These may be used alongside already prescribed medication and in conjunction with your GP.


A large percentage of pharmaceutical medicine (prescribed by doctors) is originally extracted and patented, or synthetically recreated, from plant sources (Veeresham, 2012).  The problem with this approach is that nature can actually be smarter than us humans!  By extracting just one constituent it may be missing vital co-factors that aid effectiveness.  An examples of this is citrus, which is high in vitamin C but also have bioflavonoids which optimise absorption of vitamin C.  Additionally, synthetically created medicine may disrupt your body's natural synthesis of  bio organic forms, meaning it may switch off your natural production creating a reliance on medicine to treat the symptoms without addressing the root cause.  It is for all of these reasons that at Peak Wellbeing we strive to recommend natural medications and supplements most suited to you.

The first purely natural medicine patented and sold commercially was morphine in 1826, and the first synthetically derived medication mimicking constituents from the plant Salix alba was aspirin in 1899 (Veeresham, 2012).

Veeresham, C. (2012).  Natural products derived from plants as a source of drugs.                             Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3560124/.



Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) uses bio-energetic medicine to tests acupressure points in the body.  It determines a strong or weak response, and has been proven in multiple research studies to be reliably accurate.

The practitioner tests acupressure points in the body to determine a strong or weak response, and it may be used to determine food sensitivities/intolerances, emotional blocks, and product compatibility.  It can be used to assess the energetic strength of supplements, medicines and foods specific to the client, resulting in the elimination or introduction of specific elements.  


It may be used as part of a naturopathy or nutrition consultation.