Helping you take control of your health!

At Peak Wellbeing we want to help you overcome the health issues that are holding you back and stopping you from living the life you deserve.  We want you to feel at your peak, like you've climbed that mountain and are now running down the other side with your arms wide open and a smile on that dial. 


The human body is extremely intelligent.  It uses homeostasis to correct underlying imbalances for survival, most of time done without you experiencing any signs or symptoms.  By the time symptoms appear, there has often been an imbalance for an extended period of time and your body no longer has the tools it needs to continue correcting them.

At Peak Wellbeing we liken ourselves to health detectives, getting to the root of the issues and giving the body what it needs - achieved using evidence and research based modern and traditional methods, including nutrients, lifestyle changes, or in the short term supplements or herbal medicine.  A holistic approach to healthcare is necessary as no singular approach applies to all individuals.  The key is understanding pathology of disease or imbalance, correlating it with your own experiences and using this to devise a treatment plan.   We may work alongside your medical practitioners, otherwise working with alternative natural options depending on your circumstances.


We work with you and within your boundaries, while educating you on our reasoning behind our advice along the way.  We believe that the best way to achieve results in helping you take control of your own health is to ensure you know the 'why' alongside the 'what do I do next?'


You CAN have control over your health.

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We have a range of services designed to get to the root of your issues, and heal you, from the inside out. 

Weight regulation ▪ Fatigue ▪ Diabetes ▪ Gut/digestive disorders ▪ Hormone disruption ▪ Hyper/hypotension ▪ Depression/anxiety ▪ Food intolerances/allergies

This is a sample list, contact us today for assistance with your acute or chronic health needs.

Get in touch with us to discuss your options, and find out how we may be able to help you - over the PEAK! 



“I was amazed with the in depth consultation and knowledge provided by Sandra Howell for my well being. Her care and time taken was beyond what our health system provides to understand how best to support and treat my individual care. 

Like many others, I was looking for answers holistically that treated my whole body and mind- her regime aligned with medical professionals however boosted my energy and relaxed my mind to optimum levels that I had not known before. Sandra is well versed In the many areas of health and well being.


I would not hesitate to inform all, to use her services as you continue to surprise family and friends to a healthier you.” 

—  Colleen