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What does a consultation include?

An initial consultation takes 1 ½ hours and includes a full current and prior health analysis including all organ systems. It will explore sleep, energy, nutritional and lifestyle habits. Prior to your appointment some information may be required from you, including but not limited to a list of current medications and supplementation's, and a 3 or 7 day food diary completion to assess current nutritional intake. You may think that 1 & ½ hours is a long time, given that a doctor’s appointment is around 10 minutes. The initial consultation is largely an information gathering session, and covers all areas of your health and wellbeing.

This is essential because body systems work together synergistically, and imbalances can present in many ways that are best picked up by examining all systems to get one big picture. In order to treat the cause, investigation and time are required. At the initial consultation you will more than likely be given a couple of small steps to take away to work on.

After the initial consultation, we do additional background investigations into your health and conditions and devise a treatment plan. The fee you pay for the initial consultation includes time for this work. Treatment plans may include education on pathology of disease and medications being taken; supplementation or natural medication; recommendations on dietary, lifestyle and nutritional changes. All consultations are confidential and non-judgmental.


Follow up appointments will track your progress and continue working with you on continuing your treatment plan.

Because everyone is different and people respond to treatments and illnesses differently, it is important to allow treatment plans appropriate time to allow results to occur and prevent the client becoming overwhelmed by too much information.

A treatment plan often evolves during the course of these appointments as your feedback is gathered and considered and treatments are assessed for efficacy. Follow ups are recommended at 2 week intervals unless your practitioner advises otherwise.